Rubbish Capitalism and Dirty Collar Crimes

School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work

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“Rubbish Capitalism and Dirty Collar Crimes”

Concerns around environmental justice are growing.  Various writers have exposed failures of regulation and avoidance of responsibility and have contributed to the production of relevant recommendations for the kinds of policy and legislation required for the defence of the earth. After briefly outlining such concerns, the paper will focus on conducts which are not adopted in a normative void but are violations of even the limited environmental norms in existence. Discussing such conducts, relating to the case of Naples and the ‘rubbish crisis’ experienced by this Italian city, it is felt that an analysis of the novel ways in which white collar and organised crime are connected is necessary.

Prof. Vincenzo Ruggiero

Vincenzo Ruggiero is Professor of Sociology at Middlesex University in London. His latest books are: ‘Social Movements: A Reader’ (2008); ‘Understanding Political Violence’ (2006); ‘Crime in Literature’ (2003); ‘Movements in the City’ (2001); ‘Crime and Markets’ (2000). His new book ‘Penal Abolitionism’ will be published in July by Oxford University Press.

12-1pm Wednesday 28th April 2010

Room: 1.037


For further information please contact Teresa Degenhardt, t.degenhardt@qub.ac.uk ; tel: 028 90971244

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