The murder of Toyosi Shittabey

Read Audrey Bryan in  the Irish Left Review on racism in Ireland and the murder of Toyosi Shittabey

The failure to acknowledge the true nature and extent of racism in Irish society—whether hidden or blatant—tragically means that racially motivated attacks are likely to re-occur, unless we face up to, and overcome, the contradiction between official rhetoric about inclusion and anti-racism in Irish society and the ugly reality that young people like Patrick Kabangu and Toyosi Shittabey experience on a daily basis. Equally  urgent is the need to move away from explaining racism in terms of ignorance and a lack of understanding of other cultures, and to acknowledge the role of Celtic and post-Celtic Tiger era political and economic arrangements in fueling anti-racist sentiment in Ireland.


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  1. anolan

    A very interesting article. The following piece in the Irish Times is well worth the read also:

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