Making Political Films about The North: Then and Now. The troubles in the North of Ireland have long been the ect of film-makers. This film-making landscape has changed over the years, as has the political landscape. Self Censorship and direct Political Censorship have both been key factors in defining what films get made and which ones don’t. The panel will discuss selected issues relating to censorship.

What forms of censorship influence the work being made?

Is there any difference to the types of films being made 30 years ago and now?

What are the key examples of censorship in Ireland?

Panellists will give a short presentation with reference to their area of special interest.

Prof. Bill Rolston – Chair.

Margo Harkin (Mother Ireland, Bloody Sunday: a Derry Diary) James Flynn (Producer, H3) Mark Cousins (The First Film, Director).

This event is part of a programme run by Index on Censorship in partnerships across artforms, investigating issues of self censorship in contemporary UK culture. For more information see www.indexoncensorship.org or go to http://www.belfastfilmfestival.org/2010/programme/films/482

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