The Politics of Criminology – European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control

38th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control


01 st – 05th September 2010

Laboratory of Sociology of Youth, Leisure and Sports

Department of Sociology,

University of the Aegean

Mytilene -Lesvos, Greece



From Howard Becker’s 1967 exhortation, ‘Whose side are we on?’ the issue of the politics of criminology has continued to be a significant theme in academic debate, policy implementation and legal reform. Variously identified as ‘technicians of the State’ or ‘apologists for criminal justice’, administrative criminologists have been criticized as functioning primarily to ‘manage’ the consequences and conflict of structural inequalities in advanced democratic states. They are represented as necessary and willing functionaries in what Nils Christie termed the ‘social control industry’. What critical analysis has established is that in official definition, popular discourse and state intervention ‘crime’ and ‘conflict’ are political; in the processes of recording and reporting, measurement and targeting, policing and punishment. The conference invites papers on any aspect of the theme, including theoretical debates and controversies in critical analysis, primary research, global trends and international comparisons. Suggestions are:

  • Critical histories of criminology
  • Theorising power, authority and legitimacy
  • Knowledge, ideology and hegemony
  • The nation-state in a global context
  • ‘Crimes of the powerful’; ‘Crimes of the powerless’
  • The politics of imprisonment and detention
  • Class, poverty and marginalization
  • Gender, power and feminist critiques
  • Neo-colonialism, migration and borders
  • Criminalising children and young people
  • Reflections on ‘harm’
  • Green criminology and harms against nature and non-human species
  • Challenging the state and the politics of resistance

The conference will also celebrate the life, work and memory of Karen Leander 1949-2009. Papers are invited particularly on Gender and violence.

Abstracts submitted by: 31st May 2010

Full Details: Assistant Professor Dr. Stratos Gorgoulas

Address: 1 M. Asias & Tertseti’s street, Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece.

Tel: (+30) 2251036538

E- mail: s.georgoulas@soc.aegean.gr or eknexa@soc.aegean.gr

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