North / South Irish Criminology Conference

Mary Louise Corr, Jess Breen and Eoin Healy, TCD at the North South Conference

Paul Sargent, Marie Therese Hynes and Chelsea Marshall at the North South Conference

The 6th North / South Irish criminology conference was held in Belfast this week. The conference was opened by Northern Ireland’s new Minister for Justice, David Ford. Shadd Maruna, Ruth McAlister and Ian O’Donnell from Queen’s University Belfast, University of Ulster and UCD set the scene in the opening plenary by exploring and critiquing the relationship of criminology with the processes and practices in the criminal justice system  North and South. With 28 panels exploring a diverse range of topics including restorative justice, imprisonment, the role of the arts and media in justice, state-crime, policing, transitional justice and contested spaces – there was an impressive range and depth of material.  While criminology has been previously described as an ‘absentee discipline’ within Ireland, it is evident from this event that this view may now be outdated.

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  1. hello there,
    thank you for the invite to the blog. i was at the conference and i enjoyed it immensely. i feel like we already know everything about the topic. The knowledge available is astounding and i congratulate all who worked so hard to contribute.
    It was my first time at this type of activity. I did a presentation on rehab and the associated value.
    I would like to contribute to the blog.


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