Bursary in Health, inequality and society

Liverpool John Moores University are delighted to offer two bursaries to cover the fees for a two students who wish to study for an MRes in Critical Social Science in the following areas.

Bursary in Health, inequality and society

Recent research by the Marmot Review affirms the persistence of health inequalities between rich and poor areas. Once other factors of difference such as age, gender or ethnicity are introduced the social cleavages become even more pronounced. Research agendas have captured the impact on some sub-groups in society whilst other groups have remained peripheral or been excluded from the lens of detailed enquiry.  This bursary aims to encourage research into areas where the voices of the participants is seldom heard within the context of the UK or further afield.

Bursary in Well-being, Society and Economy

As we enter the so-called Age of Austerity, cuts in the public sector will undoubtedly be felt hardest by those occupying the lower tiers of the social strata. Liverpool, like many large cities in the UK, is facing unprecedented restraints on public spending and tax increases. Young people and other marginalised groups, such as female-headed households, women or BME communities will be amongst the groups hardest hit with severe cuts to youth services, training and job opportunities, The gloomiest of estimates puts youth unemployment at one million by the end of 2010. What does this scenario mean for young people in Liverpool and their quality of life? Will the recent Capital of Culture 2008 and the acclaimed cultural regeneration of Liverpool provide any insulation against these predictions for Liverpool’s young people?  What are the emerging social costs of this fiscal tightening for Liverpool’s young people?  Is there a role for governance in dealing with the questions of social justice that arise?

Please see further details on the MRes and the application process attached. Please note the deadline for applications for this bursary has been extended until the 28th of July.

Initial enquiries for either of the above bursaries should be directed to Dr. Giles Barrett G.A.Barrett@ljmu.ac.uk 0151 231 5931, Dr Sara Parker s.l.parker@ljmu.ac.uk <mailto:s.l.parker@ljmu.ac.uk>   or Prof Ian G. Cook I.G.Cook@ljmu.ac.uk 0151 231 5087

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