Forthcoming conference: Youth Custody and Human Rights

Save the dates of 2nd and 3rd June 2011 because The Law and Criminal Justice Centre, Plymouth Law School, University of Plymouth, in association with the British Society of Criminology Youth Criminology / Youth Justice Network (YC/YJN) and the South West Branch of the British Society of Criminology, will be hosting a conference on Youth Custody and Human Rights.

Although the UK is a signatory to the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, it has come under severe criticism over its use of youth custody.  In particular, there has been a significant increase in recent years in the length of custodial sentences for young people, inhumane and degrading treatment in custody is not uncommon, and measures to assist young offenders to resettle into the community when they leave custody are having limited success.

The Conference will take place over three sessions which cover the three core themes of ‘Youth Custody as a Last Resort’, ‘Conditions Inside Custody’ and ‘Resettlement and Social Exclusion’.  Each theme will be introduced and explored by three eminent speakers in the field. We are pleased to say that they will include:

Dr. Tim Bateman, Professor Barry Goldson, Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth, Dr. Ursula Kilkelly, Professor Rod Morgan, Professor John Pitts and Carolyne Willow.

Keynote lectures will be followed by ‘themed’ roundtable discussion and debate.

The Conference is directed at criminologists, legal professionals, policy makers, researchers, rights organisations and youth justice practitioners.  Full details of the Conference will be publicised shortly.  To discuss the Conference, contact Dr. Patricia Gray, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Plymouth Law School, University of Plymouth, email p.gray@plymouth.ac.uk .However, if you would like to register your interest at this early stage please email pde@plymouth.ac.uk or call 01752 586005.

The venue will be the Roland Levinsky Building, Lecture Theatre 2, University of Plymouth.


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