Irish Probation Journal – invites submissions

The Irish Probation Journal (IPJ) is a joint initiative of the Probation Service (PS) and the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI). The journal has been published on an annual basis since 2004 and  aims to provide a forum for sharing theory and practice, increasing co-operation and learning between the two jursidictions and developing debate about working with people on who have offended.

The journal welcomes contributions from practitioners, academics, policymakers and representatives of the voluntary and community sectors. The  IPJ is not limited to probation issues and welcomes submissions from the wider justice arena, e.g. prisons, police, victim support, juvenile justice, community projects and voluntary organisations. Articles are invited for the 2011 edition of the IPJ  – to view guidelines for contributors please visit: The Probation Service or The Probation Board for Northern Ireland’s website, where you can also access past editions of the journal.

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