Prison Journal – Irish Edition

The Prison Journal Irish Edition is now published

March 2011; 91 (1)

Liam Leonard (Guest Editor): Introduction: The Significance of the Prison in Irish Nationalist Culture

Cormac Behan – The Benefit of Personal Experience and Personal Study: Prisoners and the Politics of Enfranchisement

Mary Rogan – Yes or No Minister: The Importance of the Politician-Senior Civil Servant Dyad in Irish Prison Policy

Liam Leonard and Paula Kenny – Measuring the Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Practices in the Republic of Ireland Through a Meta-Analysis of Functionalist Exchange

Agnieszka Martynowicz – Oversight of Prison Conditions and Investigations of Deaths in Custody: International Human Rights Standards and the Practice in Ireland

Linda Moore – “Nobody’s Pretending That It’s Ideal”: Conflict, Women, and Imprisonment in Northern Ireland


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