Studi Sulla Questione Criminale – Call for papers

Studi Sulla Questione Criminale

Submissions are invited for an edited collection of scholarly essays on International, Transnational and Supra National criminology. This is the first collection of Studi sulla Questione Criminale to focus specifically on studies produced on the subject. The collection aims to offer an overview of new and thriving perspectives on issues of crime, justice and different criminal justice agencies in the international sphere.

In the field of Criminology, studies on international justice and on political violence remained quite marginal within the discipline apart from the pioneering works of Sheldon Glueck and Otto Kircheimer. Recently, criminologists have shown a renewed interest in confronting these topics, usually developed within the national sphere, and their relationship with the international dimension. Additionally, the political dimension, which is always more strictly connected to international law, presents some aspects of criminological relevance. This interaction between dimensions that had remained divided for many years has produced, and keeps producing, new and interesting lines of enquiry, both in strict criminological terms and in terms of checking the effects of these transformations in international and national dimension from a criminological perspective.

New studies have brought back attention to this much forgotten field of study, such as by  Stan Cohen, John Hagan, Raul Zaffaroni, Wayne Morrison, Susanne Karstedt and Joachim Savelsberg. Their works have enabled new insights on the criminal question and the problems of justice in the international sphere. Since the publication of their pioneering works, many scholars have produced a significant new body of writing, providing new conceptualizations and new challenges. This collection would like to look at the current development of criminology in the international sphere, looking in particular at how the categories of criminal law and criminology interact, overlap or challenge the political dimension and at the collateral effects of international justice in the national dimension.

Areas of inquiry may include:

  • State crimes
  • international policing
  • international justice
  • theoretical perspectives on constitutive and transformative dynamics in the global sphere
  • effects of international criminal justice on home justice systems
  • new forms of political violence

Submission guidelines:
Contributors are asked to send a 300-500 word abstract, working title, contact information and a brief biographical statement in a Word attachment to the editors on or before July 31, 2011. The full articles will be then required by 1st of October. The issue will be out for December 2011- January 2012.


Please send your abstract to Teresa Degenhardt and Valeria Verdolini at

t.degenhardt@qub.ac.uk and valeria.verdolini@unimib.it

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