Launch of Care After Prison Project

We are pleased to invite you to the launch of a new project Care After Prison (CAP) taking place at 

5.30pm on Thursday the 13th of October in the Carmelite Community Centre, 56 Aungier St., Dublin 2.

The six month pilot project, which is a joint initiative partnered by the City of Dublin YMCA and the Carmelite Community Centre, will commence in October.  We are very grateful to have John Lonergan, the former long-serving Governor of Mountjoy Prison, officially launching the project.  Attached is an information leaflet explaining CAP in further detail.

Registration will open at 5.30p.m and the event should last no longer than an hour and a half concluding with light refreshments. 

 Please RSVP to secure your place by 5pm Friday the 7th of October to bgrogan@ymca.ie.  

About CAP

In summary

CAP will advocate on behalf of the ex- prisoner and support him/her as they address the issues they identified. Our team of keyworkers will actively work with the service user by ensuring that they are involved in their care plans, by attending meetings with them and as- sisting them in many tasks that are daunting upon their release.

This is a start-up project and may change along the way depending on the service users needs. We will continu- ously have the service-users best inter- ests at heart and will aim to include their needs and ideas in our service de- livery as much as possible through feed- back, evaluations and reflective prac- tice.

Our Goal is to promote safer communities and support ex-prisoners in leading crime free lives.

We believe that proper rehabilitation will in turn lead to a reduction in rates of recidivism and that a reduction in the overcrowd- ing of Irish prisons is vital to the lives and well-being of prisoners.


CAP intends to work with offenders as they pre- pare themselves for release but would look to the Probation Service or other agencies to in- dentify service users for engagement.

Youth referrals

CAP will also work with youth offenders and will link with local JLOs, Community Gardai and local YouthWork services to best support young peo- ple who have been displaying criminal and/or anti-social behaviour. The aim of this is to try and work with the young person and their fami- lies before the situation escalates to imprisonment.


Care After Prison (CAP) 56 Aungier St, Dublin 2

Phone: 01-4720973 E-mail: careafterprison@gmail.com

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