Funded Postgraduate Research with Irish Penal Reform Trust

A fantastic opportunity has arisen that will allow postgraduate students to pursue research of their own while being employed by the Irish Penal Reform Trust.

The Irish Research Council Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme (see here for details) is offering potential postgraduate students the opportunity to pursue their research (either to Masters or PhD level) with participating organisations and the Irish Penal Reform Trust is inviting applications which coincide with its Strategic Plan.

Expressions of interest should take the following form:

  • A summary of the research proposal (not more than 500 words)
  • Identifying which of IPRT’s identified areas of interest does the proposal engage with
  • Describing how this proposal will advance the strategic policy and campaigning goals of IPRT as set out in Strategic Plan 2011-2015 (not more than 200 words)
  • What outputs will be produced from the research project

The deadline is tight, so address all expressions of interest to the Executive Director of IPRT, Liam Herrick (lherrick@iprt.ie), by 5pm on Wednesday September 12th. This will provide sufficient time for the IPRT to decide whether it is a feasible project and to liaise with the applicant in advance of the Irish Research Council’s deadline of 17th September.

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