Care After Prison: Update

ICRN has previously reported on the good work of Care After Prison (CAP). CAP, which has just achieve charity status, is a pilot project launched in October 2011 to help former prisoners deal with life on the outside, working closely with the client to tackle problems arising upon release, in order to prevent a return to prison. The project has capacity for 35 persons and currently operates in the Dublin postcodes 2 and 8.

Some recent developments to take note of include:

  • CAP has been invited by the Governor of St. Patrick’s Institution to give a talk on social justice to the young men in the institution;
  • CAP still has a 0% reconviction rate;
  • The project has had 185 engagements since commencement;
  • The new Prison Preparation is a new service aimed at helping families of prisoners and persons awaiting sentence, providing support and practical information;
  • All CAP staff are cleared to visit prisoners in all prisons around the country to provide assistance;
  • CAP has also started working with victims of crime to ensure they feel their role in the system is one of inclusion;
  • CAP gives workshops to 5th and 6th year secondary school students, focusing on social justice issues;
  • Life Story Work – CAP are seeking life histories from former or serving prisoners, to be sent to careafterprison@gmail.com, so that these narratives can be read and understood by young persons to provide a fuller perspective on imprisonment;
  • A fundraising event will be held soon, on April 12th – more details to follow.




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