Invitation to Tender: Research Project

IPRT has circulated an invitation to tender for a ground-breaking piece of research into the rights, needs and experiences of LGBT prisoners in Ireland. The research is supported by funding from Community Foundation for Ireland, and will address the current gap in knowledge on this issue.

‘Out on the Inside: The Rights, Needs and Experiences of LGBT Prisoners in Ireland’

International indications are that LGBT prisoners may be both disproportionately represented and especially vulnerable to abuse within the prison system, however there is little domestic research currently in existence on their specific rights and needs.

Recent developments, in the form of the “Inside Out” initiative for LGBT prison officers in Ireland, indicate that there is an open policy environment to issues of LGBT rights. IPRT believes this presents a timely opportunity to bring the specific needs of LBGT prisoners to the fore.

The research will consist of an active research study of current provisions for LGBT detainees as well as a comparative review of international standards and best practice, the research will also involve a limited number of interviews.

The key output from this project will be a concise issues paper for submission to key policy makers, with a view to securing specific policy commitments which promote inclusion and equality of LGBT detainees.

More details on the research project can be found here: IPRT Invitation to Tender LGBT Prisoners.

Tenders should be submitted to Deirdre Malone at director@iprt.ie before midday on Monday 10 November.

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