‘Crime, Justice and Society’ – Free online course from the University of Sheffield

‘Crime, Justice and Society’ is a free 7-week course from the University of Sheffield and goes live on Monday 12th October.
Utilising the skills, knowledge and experience of 10 leading academics from the School of Law, the course is an expansion of the University’s commitment to open access, digital learning and explores the judicial system of Great Britain and the wider world.
Through this free online course you’ll develop an understanding of, and critical perspective on, the role of the state in the regulation of criminal behaviour and the key parts played by those involved in the criminal justice system.
The course requires approx 3hrs of learning a week and takes the format of a mixture of videos, articles, discussions and quizzes. Futurelearn is a social learning platform and you will share the course with thousands of active learners from across the world, creating a unique environment where everyone’s experience feeds into each others learning.

Together, we’ll explore key themes of classic criminological research, contemporary debates on criminal justice institutions and processes, and international developments in policy and practice, focusing in particular on:

crime and criminal justice;
victims and victim support;
restorative justice;
prisons and places of confinement;
community sanctions and measures;
and desistance.

As well as academics, we’ll talk to those with firsthand experience of the criminal justice system, including probation officers, former prisoners and criminal lawyers. We’ll visit the police service in situ, witness a victim mediation session, speak to the Deputy Commissioner for Western Australia and even travel to Italy to learn about Cesare Lombroso, the father of modern criminology.

You’ll be invited to share your experiences and debate the key issues with other learners. What should the role of the police be? What are victims’ experiences of criminal justice and how can we support victims? Are there alternative responses to crime instead of prosecution and conviction?

‘Crime Justice and Society’ is the 8th free, open online course from the University of Sheffield, following subjects as diverse as dentistry, literature, health, employment, and songwriting. For more information about available courses please visit www.futurelearn.com/partners/the-university-of-sheffield

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