Postdoctoral Researcher Law – Maynooth

Maynooth University Department of Law are seeking an experienced postdoctoral legal/social science researcher to work under the supervision of Dr. Claire Hamilton on the project: ‘CONTAGION’: Counterterrorism, Coercion and EU Criminal Justice Policy. The project is funded by the Irish Research Council under the New Horizons scheme (Strand 1). The overall aim of the project is to assess the impact of counter terrorism measures on the penal trajectories of EU countries by mapping and evaluating the extent to which a process of ‘contamination’ has occurred from the counter terrorism to the ‘ordinary’ criminal justice spheres (the ‘contagion thesis’). This is an excellent opportunity for an ambitious postdoctoral researcher aiming to gain multidisciplinary experience in a dynamic and collegial environment.

Principal Duties will include:

• Quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, including analysis of legislation;
• Data management and other administrative responsibilities related to timely delivery of milestones and deliverables;
• Assistance with report writing, including inventories, literature reviews, research findings and other outputs as required;
• Joint authoring of scholarly articles, chapters and reports;
• Assistance with the communication of research findings to the project funders and the broader academy.


Closing date 5th June. Find more details on application etc here.

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