Criminology at Maynooth: New Programmes!

Maynooth University Department of Law announces new suite of undergraduate Criminology Programmes

Following the launch of the MA in Comparative Criminology & Criminal Justice (continuing in 2017/18), Maynooth University Department of Law is now introducing exciting new opportunities to study criminology at undergraduate level.

As Ireland’s youngest and fastest growing law school, we bring a fresh approach to the study of crime, incorporating perspectives from a wide range of other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, and economics. At Maynooth, we offer a unique opportunity to study Criminology as part of a broad based Arts degree, or in combination with Law as a BCL degree.

Arts: study Criminology with up to 3 other subjects in first year (including law, psychology, economics, sociology) . In second and third year, continue with a BA in Criminology in combination with another of your subjects.

BCL (Law and Criminology): study criminology and law in equal measure for each of the 3 years of your degree.

In either case, be taught by leading international experts in the field with research interests in prisons, terrorism, comparative criminal justice, human trafficking, the death penalty, and mental health, and avail of the opportunity to:

  • think about crime using real life examples;
  • develop strong research, writing and analytical skills which are useful for most career paths;
  • broaden your career prospects into the criminal justice world, opening up potential careers in the Gardaí, security services, data analytics, probation, prison service, civil service, research institutes, and NGOs;
  • apply for work placements and study abroad.

You will take modules from a wide range of disciplines during your degree, opening you up to a variety of challenging perspectives on the nature of crime, criminal behaviour, and the criminal justice system. You will gain perspectives from psychology, law, economics, sociology, anthropology, and more.

Topics studied include:

  • The meaning of crime and criminal justice
  • The causes of crime and responses to it
  • The workings of the criminal justice system
  • Crime and the media
  • Youth Justice
  • Policing
  • Sentencing and punishment
  • White collar crime
  • Personality and crime
  • The Economics of crime
  • Psychology and criminal behaviour
  • Drugs and crime 

    These unique programmes will be available from September 2017. For more details contact: law@nuim.ie.

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